1) To explore and encourage talents in Science, Literature, Culture, Arts, Language, Environment, Information Technology and latest trends in Science and Technology. To explore Adult Education Scheme, Non-formal Education Schemes, Value Based Education & Development of Rastra Bhasha in the State of Assam.
2) Empowerment of Women and Socially disadvantageous group such as Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and Minorities and agents of Socio-economic change and development.
3) To promote avenues for modern technology such as Beautician Training Hair & Skin Care, Fashion, Costume Designing, House Keeping, Interior Decoration, Embroidery, Knitting, Fabrics, Screen Printing, Leather Technology, Book binding, Raxine bag making, Painting, Handicrafts and Handlooms, Toys Making, Gem Cutting,Zari Craft & patch work etc.
4) To establish some Agricultural productive unit, like Food processing, Cool storage, Honey production, Food preservation Centre, Jute Good manufacturing, Modern machinery equipments, Seeds and maneur, pasticides, Bio Gas Plants, Vermicompost and application of Renewable energy source (Solar Energy).
5) To establish Sanitation system, pure drinking water facilities to the people of rural and urban areas of the state.
6) To raise Awareness among the people to combat all diseases like AIDS, CANCER, LEPROSY etc. Expand Ambulance facilities to the needy people for Mobile dispensary system, To promote Blood donation schemes.
7) To goal of the organisation is to enlighten the common people including children & youths, to strengthen them spiritually for the purpose of building a healthy society and provide shelter
to the old helpless person, physically and mentally handicapped people, Girls from economically backward classes.
8) To organise seminars, meeting and lectures to demonstrare with a view to promote the outstanding activities of unemployed Educated youths of the state and to promote Social Justice, creating Legal awareness.
9) Strengthening efforts to build academic atmosphere and self relrance, to promote co-curricular activities and open avenues for vocational Education.
10) Fostering National integration and Folk cultures.
11) To focus on strategies for sustainable Development in Socio-Cultural heritage, Geo physical environment and wild life preservation.
12) To Scout for new talents and to make our children, aware of bringing about a change in the popular psyche of this strife torn state.


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